Marginal parameters

Back-stitched booklet binding V1

V1 binding is produced in Stitchmaster machine ST 100.
Maximal trimmed format: 305/349 mm.
Minimum trimmed format: 89/120 mm.
Maximum block thickness: 10 mm.
Minimum format with separated trimming: 89/100 mm.
Maximum of sewing heads: 4 normal clamps.
2 eylet clamps and 2 normal clamps.
Maximum thickness of sewing with eylet clamp: 8 mm.
Maximum thickness of sewing with normal clamp: 4 mm.
The thickness of the block influences (shortens) the width of inner pages.

Soft glued binding V2, soft sewn binding V4, Swiss binding, Otabind

V2 binding is produced in Wohlenberg Master e7000.
Minimum trimmed format: 70/100 mm, with flops 85/118 mm.
Maximum trimmed format: 320/400 mm, with flops 305/380 mm.
Block thickness: 2-60 mm.
Glue - Hotmelt or PUR

Hard case binding V7 and V8

V7 and V8 binding is produced in SIGLOCH - KOLBUS machine.

Maximum block formats: 280 x 304 x 80 mm
285 x 304 x 40 mm
292 x 304 x 30 mm
Minimum block format: 100 x 100 x 2 mm
Format of opened cover: max. 660 x 385 mm
min. 210 x 105 mm