Prepress department receive data from custumers for print in PDF. The requirements for quality are written in section PDF file creation.

PRINERGY Connect Workflow from Kodak is used for processing customer data. Preps 6 software is used for electronic imposition. Option Layered PDF Versioning allow us to process language mutations of publications.

Kodak Magnus 800 typesetter for plates exposure with parameters 40 plates/hour, B1 and B2 plate format, in-built punching unit, multi-cassette loader, on-line developing processor and plate stacker. For the exposure we use 133 and 175 lpi lineature with euclidean screening. For high quality printing we use 200 lpi lineature with hybrid screening Maxtone CX.
For digital print we use EPSON Stylus PRO 4880 printer and RIP EFI Colorproof XF software.
For imposition check we use Digital Blueline Proofing for paper proof or remote digital proof via InSite Prepress Portal.

We offer complete prepress services including scanning, typesetting, page composition, sheet and electronic imposition, film or plate imaging. Moreover we check supplied PDFs needed for further press production.

Scanning - we use Hi-end scanner Heidelberg Nexscan 4100 with 10 800 dpi resolution, color depth 48 bits and with maximum density 4,0 D. Template can be transparent and image base, pictures and drawings or any printed materials up to A3 size. Final arrangement is done in LinoColor and AdobePhotoshop software, including color management using ICC profiles.

Typesetting and page composition – we use Adobe Design software or Quark Express on both PC and Apple platforms. We also provide typesetting of supplied handwritten materials.

PDF control – to check supplied PS/PDF files we use PitStop Server and PitStop Professional as a plug-in modul of Adobe Acrobat. Basic things influencing quality of printed materials are checked as for example correct version of PDF, color, parameters, width of slim lines and so on.

Press proof-in - we use ink printer EPSON Stylus Pro 4000 with maximal format width 430 mm. We also use eight color system with EPSON Ultrachrome inks. 

Imaging – we use CTP imaging unit Kodak Magnus 800 (maximum size of printing plate 790 × 1030 mm – B1). Maximum image resolution is 2540 dpi with halftone screen 175 lpi with Euclidean screening or 200 lpi with hybrid Maxtone CX screening.